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Art by Lisa Curry

Destructive Perfection

Lisa began abstract painting in 2015, and since that time she has been captivated by the emotion of color, the power of movement, and the sheer freedom of expression this art form affords. She wants her pieces to transform the simple act of viewing to an experience.

Layer upon layer, Lisa paints with an intentional “flow and messiness.” She can have 10 to 12 paintings in process at any given time. She allows them to “sit and speak to her.” Some may sit for months then suddenly she’ll have a moment of revelation and throw more paint.

Lisa is most creative when she paints for days on end with little sleep, until her heart is content. This compulsion, she says, drives her to a “destructive perfection.”

With the inspiration and encouragement of other local artists she has pursued this passion. And, she has connected with her mother’s love of art, which has added a new dimension and richness to her life.

“I believe art is about tasting with the eyes.”

-Lisa Curry

“When complete, I want my pieces to be so complex that they must be savored slowly and deliberately to fully realize the distinctly different flavors, just like a finely crafted meal.”

Lisa’s work is available at

Raw 1899

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